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Hi. Itís Martina Reilly here, the artist formally known as Tina Reilly! And before that, I was teen writer, Martina Murphy. Thanks for logging on and welcome to my website.

What I hope this site will do is to make you familiar with my books, my plays and my journalism. Links are provided so that, just in case you fall MADLY in love with any of my first chapters and you just HAVE to get your hands on my books, you can. Both my adult novels and my teen novels are available.

The big news is that my new novel -  Proof - is out June 2016.
Watch out for competitions! 

Conquered Not We Were

Conquered Not We Were Conquered Not We Were was a site specific play, preformed in Maynooth for the 1916 celebrations. It told the story of the fifteen men who marched to the GPO to fight in the......

Hear me talk about 'What If' on Arena RTE1

Hear me talk about Do you wonder what my new book is about - well, listen in....


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