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About Martina

So, who are you? Martina Murphy?

I thought you were Tina Reilly?
I'm her too.

Oh-so who is Martina Reilly?
That's me.

Do you suffer from some sort of mental disorder?
Doesn't every writer? Seriously, though, let me explain. I was Martina Murphy when I wrote my teenage books. Tina Reilly when I wrote my women's fiction novels and then my publishers thought that my name should be changed to Martina Reilly.

I think they thought it made my books sounds more serious.

Did your books become more serious?
No. They stayed exactly the same. They deal with serious issues but in a fun way, if that doesn't sound impossible.

Well, it sounds about as impossible as having three different names.

So what else does Martina Reilly do?
Well, I'm married; I have two children, a husband and a dog. I also am a qualified drama teacher with the Guildhall School of music and drama in London. I taught drama for fourteen years and then gave it up as I was a hopeless business woman. I still dabble. I do a lot of amateur drama and have starred in a number of productions, winning best actress on occasion. I do a bit of journalism and have held a couple of jobs in newspapers before losing them!

How are your books doing?
Very well. They've been translated in French, German, Latvian, Italian and Greek. Two of my teenage fiction books won awards and Something Borrowed, a women's fiction was long listed for an Impac Award.

So what next?
I hope to keep writing. My long term ambition is to do a sit com or have a play staged on London's West end. I've been writing since I was eight years old and couldn't imagine ever doing anything else! My latest book is called "What If?"

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